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Packing for a trip can cause even the calmest person anxiety. It’s almost a fine art, knowing exactly what you need to be as comfortable as possible, without over-packing and wasting space and weight. When you prepare for a more technical trip (as compared to a general holiday) it poses an even greater challenge. Yes, even for something like a high altitude trek there are ‘nice-to-haves’, but there are of course some very important necessities, and you would be kicking yourself if you forgot to pack these.

Keep reading for what I’ll be packing for my 9 day Northern circuit trek up Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which will be followed by a 5 day safari. Tara’s list is essentially the same since we doubled up when purchasing, besides the obvious male/female items, and a few different choices in tops and bottoms.

Review: Osprey Sirrus 24 daypack (womens)

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One of my biggest challenges in finding an appropriate day pack is getting the size right. Of course, this is an extremely important characteristic to get right, but if you have a reasonably petite torso like me, you get used to store assistants informing you that unfortunately the brand does not make a smaller size, or if they do, the store does not stock it.

So, you can imagine my delight when a sales assistant at REI in Boston had a very suitable recommendation for me: the Osprey Sirrus 24 day pack in the Small size (which is actually 22L). It felt great in-store, but what you probably want to know is how it weighed in after actual and extended use.

I have used this day pack exclusively since November last year and if any of you have read my account of the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km event in Melbourne, this pack was on my back for nearly 31 hours straight. Here are some of my thoughts.

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Stay tuned for some of our personal reviews on gear that we’ve used. Finding the right piece of gear is essential in making your trip outdoors that little bit more comfortable. So we thought we’d give you our insight into what works, and what doesn’t work for us.