Kilimanjaro Gear List

Packing for a trip can cause even the calmest person anxiety. It’s almost a fine art, knowing exactly what you need to be as comfortable as possible, without over-packing and wasting space and weight. When you prepare for a more technical trip (as compared to a general holiday) it poses an even greater challenge. Yes, even for something like a high altitude trek there are ‘nice-to-haves’, but there are of course some very important necessities, and you would be kicking yourself if you forgot to pack these.

Keep reading for what I’ll be packing for my 9 day Northern circuit trek up Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which will be followed by a 5 day safari. Tara’s list is essentially the same since we doubled up when purchasing, besides the obvious male/female items, and a few different choices in tops and bottoms.

Travel vaccinations: the unexpected costs of travelling

If you spend most of your life in relatively disease-free countries like Australia, it’s easy to forget that severe, infectious diseases are an everyday reality for many people in the world. After the euphoria of planning a holiday that’s somewhat off the beaten path, you realise that “off the beaten path” also means “into disease-prone areas”.

When planning any trip, there are two things you don’t want to happen:

  1. Paying unexpected, significant costs
  2. Falling ill – even if you avoid anything life-threatening, any form of illness will take away from your enjoyment and comfort

Planning for the costs of vaccinations and taking these in time for your travel will hopefully help reduce the impact of both.

Training for Kilimanjaro: what to do when you’re time poor

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For those of us who have to, you know, work for a living, and keep up with general life commitments, it can be challenging to find adequate time to train. But all is not lost! If you look hard enough you will usually be able to find time in your schedule to do something. And doing something is much better than simply doing nothing.

In this post I will share some of the activities we’ve been undertaking in order to best prepare ourselves for our upcoming Kilimanjaro trek. We are very aware that if you fall victim to altitude sickness, there’s nothing you can do, but I’m guessing that becoming stronger and fitter is a whole lot better than remaining sedentary. If you want to know more, please keep reading.